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Reading at The Hollybrook Schools


The reading curriculum at The Hollybrook Schools starts as soon as the children begin school.  We promote a love of reading and encourage all children to engage wholeheartedly in reading a range of books.  We teach a systematic synthetic phonics programme and we have high expectations of all our children.


Our reading records encourage the children to read regularly to 'travel the world' earning themselves passport stamps as they go, and achieving reading certificates regularly in assemblies.  We know that reading is such an important life skill, and as a result, a high emphasis is placed on reading across the curriculum. 


Our ultimate aim is that every child leaves Hollybrook well prepared, with a passion to continue their reading journey wherever they move to.  We want them to be confident and fluent readers, who engage with a wide range of reading material and show a good understanding of the texts they read.  We encourage them to build a rich vocabulary, which develops with experience of reading, to read a range of authors and be able to talk about what they like and dislike about books written by an author.  


We actively promote parent partnerships and encourage parents to share a love of reading with their children as we know that this is key in promoting a genuine passion for books.


At The Hollybrook Schools we use the VIPERS to support children in the development of key reading skills.



English National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2